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Office: 301-809-0100
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Air Balancing-                                                                                  Types of Buildings we have Balanced-
Constant Volume Supply and Exhaust Systems                                 Commercial Offices                              
Variable Volume Supply and Exhaust Systems                                   Residential High Rises
Air Handling Units                                                                               Public and Privates Schools
Roof Top Units                                                                                   Restaurants
Energy Recovering Units                                                                    Labs
Dedicated Outside Air Units                                                                Churches
Computer Room Air Conditioning Units                                              
Variable Volume Box Balancing                                                          Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
Fan Powered Variable Volume Boxes                                                 Correctional Facilities
Induction Boxes                                                                                  Manufacturing Facilities
Active and Inactive Chilled Beams                                                      Sports Arenas
Supply and Exhaust Fans                                                                   Museums
  Retail Spaces
Water Balancing-                                                                             Hotels
Hot Water, Chilled Water, and Condenser Water Balancing              Firing Ranges
Pumps                                                                                                Banks
 Fire Departments
Boilers                                                                                                Libraries
Cooling Towers                                                                                  Natatoriums
Heat Exchanger
Additional Testing-                                                                          Clients we have worked with-
Duct Air Leakage Testing                                                                   Federal, State and Local Governments
Sound Testing                                                                                    General Contractors
Vibration Testing                                                                                Construction Managers
Indoor Air Quality Testing                                                                   Mechanical Contractors
Fume Hood Testing                                                                            Control Contractors
Room and Building Pressurization Testing                                          Architects and Engineers
Stairwell Pressurization Testing                                                          Commissioning Agents
Firing Range Testing                                                                          Building Owners and Managers
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