Clients that we have worked for
Clark Construction
Turner Construction
Biscayne Contractors, Inc.
Whiting & Turner
Gilbane Building Company
Asturian Group
Architect of the Capitol
John C. Grimberg Company
R.E. Robertson

W.G. Tomko, Inc.

Paramount Mechanical

Integrated Contracting

JCM Associates, Inc.
Hamilton-Pacific-Chamberlain, LLC
Shapiro & Duncan, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Air
T-D Plumbing & Heating

JRA & Associates Contracting

John J. Magnolia, Inc.

Washington Refrigeration

Gaghan Mechanical
Season Air-Comfort Systems USA
Tech Site Services

and many more...
Engineers whose projects we have
completed include:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Tolk, Inc.
Gipe, Inc.
Henry Adams, Inc.
Mueller Associates
Kibart, Inc.
Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates
Kovacs, Whitney, & Associates
Spears, Votta, and Associates
James Posey Associates
and many more…
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Fax: 301-809-0105
Performance TAB and Balance LLC
607 Old point Drive
Chester, MD 21619
Office: 301-809-0100
Fax: 301-809-0105
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Performance Test and Balance was started in order to
provide the best quality Independent Testing and Balancing
services to their clients. We take pride in every project we are
awarded no matter how big or small.

With more than 60 years of combined experience in the
industry there is nothing we can’t handle. Projects we have
balanced include Hospitals, Labs, Schools, Manufacturing
Facilities, Office Building and Residential Buildings as well.
We have worked for every possible client, Construction
Manager, General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Control
Contractor, Building Owner, Building Manager or Engineer.
And our goal is the same with each, wanting to end each
project so each party is looking forward to working together on
next project.